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We welcome you to Muffins on Main Street; the Top Long Island Bakery! Though we are an online business, we have a primary base in Farmingdale where we bake these delectable treats to package and deliver across the country.

Their array of flavors is endless, ranging from Pistachio to Birthday Cake muffins. We take our deliveries very seriously, making sure packing and mailing runs smoothly as we deliver these traits with great moistness and freshness. There are never any complaints, but rather compliments on how delicious our muffins taste.

Best Muffins

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Besides our most popular muffins, we serve mouth-watering crumb cakes on a daily. The Oreo flavor seems to receive the most buzz, as it is the most perfect blend of chocolate, Oreo crumbs, and crunch. In fact, some even prefer the crumb cakes better than the muffins because of the desirable Oreo flavor. In addition to it being tasty, these muffins are easy access, especially during the holidays when time is of the essence. Rather than wait in line for pastries and desserts for occasions, you can easily turn on your computer, click to our website, and pick our your favorite flavors which will arrive very quickly. For last minute shoppers, we even offer 2 day shipping.

An Insight on the Creation of the Company

The owners of Muffins on Main Street, Phil and Lisa, kick started the company right after they opened up the business Stuff-a-Bagel.

This company is a counter-serve breakfast and lunch business that also caters. As the selection of bakery items began to flourish at Stuff-a-Bagel, ideas for their new company, Muffins on Main Street, began. An idea for starting an online store for easy-access purchase of baked goods where items could be delivered straight to one’s doorstep, seemed both modernized and efficient. In this day and age, people seek the easiest ways to retrieve goods, especially during busy times of the year and holiday seasons, and this new company offers exactly that. It’s so exciting to hear that people in states as far as Washington have tasted something like the Birthday Cake muffin, proving this cross country endeavor to be rather successful. The Internet has truly opened a new doorway for muffin lovers and food connoisseurs all over the country.