Fun DIY Halloween Desserts

Muffins on Main Street has cut out the hard part of making your own DIY Halloween desserts by skipping the ‘baking’ part. Instead of making the muffins by scratch, we will ship them right to you.

We are not cheating. Rather, we are helping our busy clients make their children’s DIY Halloween Dessert session easier and funner. Now there is less focus and energy devoted to baking and making a mess. Children can focus on their creative side.

What you will need:

  • Orange, green, black and white colored icing.  You can buy them pre-made or make your own icing by adding foot coloring to the vanilla flavored icing.
  • Peanut or Chocolate M’nMs
  • Chocolate Licorce

Muffins on Main Street Pumpkins and Ghosts Halloween Desserts

Customers can use whatever flavor gourmet muffins they want. We suggest ordering the Best-Seller Package so you can get a variety of flavors.

For the pumpkin muffins children and parents will use the orange frosting over the entire muffins top. For the ghost, it will be the same method but with the white frosting. Give them about five minutes to harden so that you can start the fun part, making the face.

DIY Halloween Desserts For the pumpkin, use the black frosting with a skinny top to create the half moon lines. Use the same black frosting to make to two large eyes on both pumpkin and ghost muffin. You can also add a smile on both.

Place an M’n’M in the center of the pumpkins and ghost eyes. Cut about an inch of the Chocolate Licorice to place on top of the pumpkin. It will go on the very top with about half on the muffin and the other hanging off.

Of course, parents and children can add their own creativity after this is complete. These are just supposed to be fun DIY Halloween Desserts that are quick and easy. So, have fun with it!