The Top Online Long Island Bakery

Welcome to the Top Long Island Bakery, Muffins on Main Street. Although we are primarily an online business, we have a home-base in Farmingdale. That is where all the magic happens in the kitchen, which is then packaged and deliver across the country.

Muffins on Main Street offers an array of flavors including Pistachio and Birthday Cake gourmet muffins. As a Top Online Long Island Bakery they are very precise when it comes to packing and mailing out their goods. Upon delivery there has never been a complaint about the freshness. In fact, we only receive compliments of how moist and delicious each muffin tastes.

Along with gourmet muffins we offer a selection of crumb cakes. All of which are completely mouth watering, especially our Oreo flavor; it is the perfect blend of chocolate, Oreo crumbs and crunch. Some of our customers prefer them better than the traditional birthday cake. It has also become a top seller during the holidays. Rather then wait in line at your local bakery customers can easily navigate our online shop to place an order. For those last minute shoppers, we offer 2 day shipping and promise to get there on time.

About the Long Island Bakery

The owners of Muffins on Main Street, Phil and Lisa, started the company shortly after they opened up Stuff-a-Bagel.

Stuff-a-Bagel is a counter-serve breakfast and lunch spot that also offers catering. The selection of bakery items begun to flourish, which gave them idea of starting an online store where customers can enjoy their baked goods. And have them delivered straight to their doorstep across the country. Some of the most exciting things that the owners can say about the business is having people in states like Washington taste their gourmet muffins. TheĀ Internet has opened the doorway so that customers from other cities can become loyal fans of Muffins on Main Street.